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Page last updated Dec 2008
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COST 859 is network of co-ordinated national research projects. Its aims are to:
  • Understand and control the fate of pollutants in plants and food, non-food and technical crops.
  • Optimise the remediation and controlling capacities of plants and thus make phytotechnologies more economically and socially attractive.
  • Decrease the level and transfer of contaminants along the food chain.
  • Specifically increase the content of essential minerals in food crops (fortified food).
It will enable significant progress to be made towards the sustainable use of land and water resources, the restoration of contaminated sites and the future supply of safe and fortified food. 

European dimension

COST 859 will strive to 
  • maximise European synergy and added value in research cooperation.
  • further European integration, in particular concerning Central and Eastern European countries.
  • complement other research programmes of the European Union.
29 countries have now joined COST 859.

EU Framework Programme

COST Action 859: 
  • is supported by the EU Framework programme
  • lies in the domain of Food and Agriculture, and
  • operates according to the guidelines of the COST (European CO-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) intergovernmental framework.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) came into effect in July 2004. 
The Action will last for 5 years until July 2009.

Statistics (as of Dec 2008)

Number of participants from COST countries:  258 ( 38.8% ladies)
Number of participating COST countries:  29

Number of participants from non-COST countries: 11 (7 ladies)

Number of participating non-COST countries:  8

Number of funded STSMs: 16

Annual Reports

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme
ESF (Fondation européenne de la science) est une association
à but non-lucratif de droit français (Alsace) 
1 quai Lezay-Marnésia, B.P. 90015, 67080 Strasbourg cedex, France