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Management Responsibilities

Pro Vice-Chancellors

There are three pro vice-chancellors at the University of Greenwich. Academic members of staff hold these senior management posts.

Professor Mark Cross
Research, Consultancy
& Outreach

Professor Mark Cross is Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research, Consultancy and Outreach. His responsibilities include management of the university's Research Office, the Business and Community Unit, the Greenwich Maritime Institute, Computing Services and Information Systems, as well as oversight of the university's research activities.

Professor Cross previously held office as a head of school at the university. His research interests focus on computational modelling, high performance computing and process analysis.


Professor John Humphreys
Academic Planning

Professor Humphreys is one of the university’s three Pro Vice-Chancellors. His responsibilities include academic planning, quality assurance, collaborative links, public relations and recruitment and marketing. He is currently active in the following research areas: population dynamics in estuarine ecosystems, NHS training policies and higher education in developing countries.




Professor David Wills
Resources and Administration

Professor David Wills is Pro Vice-Chancellor, Resources and Administration. He is responsible for resource planning and management, including the co-ordination of finance, personnel and estates.

Previously dean of the university’s Dartford and Medway Faculty, David Wills is Professor of Surveying and has led the development of the university’s links with China and the Far East.